An Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders

November 6th, 2016

Senator Sanders,

We are three days away from Election Day 2016. I don’t think I’ve ever been so terrified or so hopeful. That sounds a bit like a dichotomy, but I assure you it isn’t. Please allow me to explain.
I’ve made peace with the idea of a Trump presidency. Yes, some of the things he says hurts my soul. Some of the things he’s accused of triggers my post traumatic stress disorder associated with my own rape. Probably best not to dwell on that idea right now or this letter will be far bleaker than I wish it to be.

I know, deep within my heart, that Dr. Jill Stein has the five percent of the vote she needs for public funding and the Green Party US ballot space through 2020. I’m not sure how I know this to be true – but if you felt the certainty that I feel resonating through me, you would know it, too. Maybe you already know. We both know you’re much smarter than I am.

Can you imagine, senator? Thanks in massive part to your historical bid for the White House, enough of our young people shed their comfortable realities and began to genuinely care more about each other. Less about trivial, inconsequential things and instead offering a hand to a stranger, listening to other’s problems, speaking truth. You better own that!

Please do not allow the Democrat Party US to steal that away from you as well, okay?

It’s because of you that I no longer fear Donald Trump. I know that YOU would stand up for ALL OF US if he is indeed President Elect Trump. You are the most popular politician of my time. You blew Obama out of the water, and I truly adored and respected that man before this scandal- ridden cycle. I actually have his inaugural invitation framed and hanging above my workspace. I don’t look forward to taking it down, but if Tuesday comes and Hillary Rodham Clinton is coronated – it’s in the recycling bin.

I can move my family’s copy of FDR’s presidential portrait into that space.

So yes, I do still have hope for a better tomorrow. Even if Trump wins. Because I know he will be fought every step of the way – by you, by us, by other elected officials and even international parties. We have much more power with a Trump presidency. Why do I think that? Easy.

Hillary Clinton has gone above and beyond in proving that we the people are entirely powerless against her. She’s thrown her political weight around so much, so blatantly that it’s impossible to ignore. The most obvious example of this is how she stole your nomination. Rampant election fraud. It couldn’t be more apparent.

I believe you should at least acknowledge that while telling the people who love and support you to vote for the person with whom they’ve had a lifelong abusive relationship. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Let’s move on. Hillary Clinton is a LIAR. I can not and will not EVER believe a word that comes out of her mouth. She promises peace, but promotes war. She promises to be a leader on climate change, yet supports GLOBAL fracking and refuses to speak out against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Hillary took up your mantle about Wall Street. I’d love to know which Hillary made you these promises. Public Hillary or Private Hillary?

And senator, do you honestly think HRC will do absolutely everything to stop the TPP? Because I certainly don’t. In fact, I’m worried it’ll pass during the lame-duck session. That’s terrifying, too. What about pardoning Edward Snowden? Freeing Julian Assange, who she’s already threatened to kill? Will she really make public colleges/community colleges free? Will I be able to finally finish my degree? Will my girls, I have three, will they have the best to look forward to in their futures?

Or will we all be suffering, trapped beneath her heavy reign as all of our greatest resources are sold to the highest bidder? Yes, I am terrified.

I’m terrified of that woman. I’m terrified by her ideology, her entitlement and her willingness to go to absolute extremes to get what she wants. She is not above lying -even under oath- cheating, idolizing known war criminals. The Clinton Global initiative is nothing but a money laundering operation. We know this to be true. We have mountains of evidence to that end. Her health? Even if I can’t say whether she’s truly sick or not, my eyes see just fine. I saw her syncopal episodes, crossed eyes and likely tremors. My ears heard her coughing and gagging. Her 9/11 syncopal episode and the type of pneumonia that caused it? All of those things add up. And I believe they add up to Parkinson’s. If that’s the case, why hasn’t she just said she has this issue or whatever health issue she does have? Why lie? And why lie so very badly?

But I’m not a doctor. As of right now, I’m not a high ranking government official. We’ll see if that changes later on, or not. But as of this very moment in time, I have no money or power to do battle with HRC. She’s so protected by other corrupt officials that every time we have a just reason to be done with her, we’re blocked.

Sadly, Hillary being untouchable to us peasants has already proven to be true. I donated hundreds of dollars to your campaign and the DNC because I wanted to support my party. Of course that was before I woke up and realized that being a loyal, honest and faithful person does not automatically translate to my elected officials. Many of them are corrupted by money and the power that goes along with it.

You weren’t the only one that was robbed.
ALL of your supporters were robbed.

Isn’t that against the law, Senator Sanders? Election fraud is a big deal! Right? I mean, look at states like Arizona, New York, Nevada, California…really, I could go on but that seems a touch excessive. Even though this behavior is clearly illegal, it’s our Lady Clinton, so meh. What can you do?

Sucks to be us, huh?

I’m going to paraphrase Malcolm X here. He said something along the lines of this about the 1964 election: If Goldwater had won it would have inspired true change because the people would come together to overthrow him.

Isn’t it funny how our proud Goldwater Girl is running against, basically, the second-coming of Goldwater in Trump? Now, I can’t stop thinking that this entire election has been a farce. How can we trust the results from this election? How are we supposed to go back to sleep now? The democracy I knew is dead.

That makes me angry. My great grandfather, grandfather, great uncles, adoptive father, two older brothers and ex-husband all served in various branches of the military. I would’ve, had I not had PTSD before going overseas. They fought, bled, cried and very nearly died more times than I can count. They were willing to sacrifice everything for our democracy and freedom.

How wasteful of the Washington Elite.

Senator Sanders, I am not upset with you. In fact, I am so proud of you. You stood up for me, my family and everyone else in the world when you started your bid for the presidency. You fought with honor, integrity and courage. You didn’t resort to name calling or mudslinging. You just kept things real. You went above and beyond and because of that my generation is more united than ever before.

We are united against crony capitalism.
We are united against money in politics.
We are united against corruption.
We are united against injustice.

The saddest part of all of this is you, senator. This should be your race and you would be blowing Trump out of the water as he drains his swamp. Yet you are out there regurgitating the lies HRC has promised and are imploring us to STOP TRUMP!


The same man who said he couldn’t snap his fingers to make us vote for Hillary. As you said, we’re not that kind of movement. However, there you are – trying to snap for the Democrats.

It’s heartbreaking.

But still, I have faith.

Because we’re not that kind of movement. We will never stop fighting. It’s time everyone else realized that too.

As millennials we are often overlooked and talked down to like we’re children. That’s not condescending at all, right? We are much more intelligent than we are given credit for. We are passionate and creative and a force to be reckoned with.

November 8th, 2016 is not the end, it’s only the beginning of a new fight. I know you’ll be fighting with us then, so why aren’t you fighting with us now, Bernie?

Why did you leave us treading water and not throw a life preserver? Why haven’t you spoken out for us, for our lost votes, for the millions of donations stolen, for the time and heartache all of your supporters experience every single day since July? I’ve been told all my life not to believe “crazy” conspiracy theories. So, I take everything with a grain of salt. However, the idea that you’ve been coerced or threatened into the support you’ve been giving HRC? That seems more likely with every passing minute.

Senator, we fought with you. We’re still fighting for you and your entire platform. Please refuse to allow HRC to tarnish your sterling record. Please, for the love of humanity, do not make us fight against you.

Because that is the day that haunts my dreams. I personally don’t want to be living a nightmare. You can help us stop that from happening.

Please Bernie, please – stand in solidarity with all of your supporters and denounce Hillary Rodham Clinton and her unethical and outright illegal actions. Take a stand for us all. We’ll always have your six. We have less than two days left. It won’t make a huge difference now, will it? I know it would mean the world to your supporters. Even just validate Dr. Stein’s candidacy?

In closing, senator, I would like to say thank you once more. You are an inspirational man and I will forever remember you as the man that dared me to dream again. Not only dream, but DREAM BIG. You made me believe in myself just as much as I believe in you.
For that you will always be my favorite Senator, hailing from the state of Vermont.

With gratitude, kindness and love,
Sarah Dixon
Dayton, OH

Sarah Dixon

Sarah Dixon is a political junkie, mother of 3, and an all around badass. She stands for Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Equality. Because Equality isn't an option, it's the RULE.