Why I’m Voting Third Party. And Why You Won’t Change My Mind.

Oh, my sweet readers. I know and share your pain. That awful burning, churning feeling in your chest and gut? Yep. I feel that awful crap, too. I think, “What the hell has happened to ‘The Greatest Country In The World?”’

I get it.

Ladies, Gents, Trans – my loves, you are not crazy. This whole election has been a nightmare. From the start, no…nope, earlier than that.

As soon as Hillary Clinton began “flirting” with the idea of being our next president. MSM stopped everything to give her open air. I knew it was going to be bad. Things were going to suck. I thought to myself, “This crazy ass woman…she doesn’t get it does she? We told her, over and over and over again in ’08: We want CHANGE. We have HOPE. We KNOW how to DO THIS. We can MAKE IT HAPPEN. Just give us a chance.”

But, like she has done since I was a child – Hillary didn’t listen to the people of America.

She listened to her corporate sponsors. Because, you see – she’s no different from Kim Kardashian in that way. Both of these fierce and competitive women have a brand. And they want their brand to be successful.

I understand that too. I guess I have my own brand as well. Mine is made up of more, ‘meh, I don’t  give a damn around 45% of the time. The other 55% is just a big ball of random and crazy but it’s fun. So, I can’t complain.

Yet, like most everyone else reading this: I’m not part of the elitist society we live in today. I don’t have the dollar, dollar bills y’all. I have bills, fees, deductibles to meet. I have horrible credit because every single time my family seems to be standing strong with their feet firmly on the ground – life seems to notice and decides to knock us about fifteen feet backward, through the air, into a thorny bush.

This is not a pity party. Oh, no. I’m just trying to point out that I’m just like you. I’m dealing with the same bullshit over and over, every single day. I have had to turn off my television and start searching for the real information for myself. I couldn’t stomach the blatant collusion and corruption of my [former] Democratic Party.

I sat there in shock, awe and denial as I watched all these political figures I looked up to, tumble like dominoes into the never-ending abyss of Washington’s Elite. These people who begged us to trust them, that assured us that we would have our changes. That we would make all these dreams we’ve had since the 1960’s come true.

We were going to have peace. Taking care of the world and helping heal the damage we’ve caused it? Yep- that was another task we were going to tackle and fix. The labels that define us and distance us, we were going to throw those out the window, don’t you remember? Ah, guys, those were the days. Those few joyous months or so that you believe you won something.

You put your heart into the process and you actually did it. You got the progressive candidate INTO THE MOTHER-CHUCKING WHITE HOUSE!

I walked on air for like three weeks following election day. Real talk. It was like a super dose of dopamine. I was so hopeful and happy.

Flash forward eight years and I’ve cried, I’ve screamed, I’ve argued more than I thought I could ever argue about politics. I’ve lost friends. I’ve made so many more. I’ve learned some amazing truths about myself. I’ve figured out where I think I can make a positive difference in this world. By actually bringing people a voice that will be honest, regardless of whether it makes her look good or not.

See, I don’t care about how many followers I have, or how many people like my posts.

I care about helping each of you that know you’ve been let down by our oh-so-broken system. Every single problem we’ve sent our troops overseas to help correct. To “liberate” those oppressed people- we’re living in the same reality right now. Only we haven’t had any bombs dropped on our heads by other countries…yet.

My opinion is this: other countries that make up our big, big world are watching this unfold. And they’re hoping those of us that see what our government is doing will rise up and put it to an immediate end. Or maybe it’s my hope? Because I’d like to live until I’m old, and I know nuclear war is just one bitchy comment away.

I can’t even tell you how much I loathe having to type a sentence naming Donald Trump as a potential candidate. I don’t agree with much of anything that comes out of his mouth, unless he’s talking about Hillary. And then I’m like, yeah…dude’s funny. He’s gross, awful, racist and an accused pervert. But he is funny when he’s going rabid on Hillary.

Well, he’s Donald Trump. Of course he’s a pervert. He’s been smarmy and schmoozey as long as I’ve been alive. I remember watching him with the girls in his pageants and I’d squirm at home. I don’t know why this is news.

And you know what? At least Donald Trump says he’s sorry when he does something awful. I mean, ya know? I get why so many people are flocking to Trump lately. If nothing else, he’s never lied to us about who he is. He’s been in the spotlight for at least thirty years that I’m aware of and he’s always been the same guy. Kind of a douche. Kind of smarmy.

You can’t listen to him pitch something for more than five minutes. Because you will end up mumbling to yourself in the grocery store. While yanking on your hair, as you try to decipher if he made complete sense. Or just rambled nonsense in a positive way?

My point is this: We knew exactly what we were getting when this general election started. Following the reality/award show like conventions that were so, so bad.

MSM completely ignored anything that might shed any negative light on Hillary. Why? Because she’s in charge of their paychecks right now. I mean, COME ON!

And I’m sure there are millions more just like me out there.

Those of us who are disgusted, disgusted by this farce of an election. Those of us that are so angry and exhausted by being pitted against each other! Either by race, religion, sex, who we want to have sex with, etc., et, al.

The petty bullshit never stops. Because as we learned with our democratic primaries: if we say, “HELL NO!” to a candidate that doesn’t represent our ideals and flock to a true progressive. If we make as much noise as we can for our progressive candidate? If we out raise the corporations who truly control our lives? Our government and everything else? Month after month after month?

They’ll just pay off or threaten or punish anyone who dares to dissent.

Anyone who dares to think for themselves? Nope. Not allowed. Not wanted. Fall in line. Shut up. Remember that without them, we have nothing. We’re fools. We’re idiots. We live in basements and baskets and buckets.

We’re losers, and nasty women, and deplorable.

We’re just a bunch of crazy, free-spirited idiots. We run around doing stupid and inconsequential things with all our time. We have no idea how hard it is to run a country.

National debt. Supreme Court Justices. These are the issues that we need to focus on. But we’re much too stupid to understand the real consequences of these massive matters!

That and Russia attacked us through the interwebs. They stole real and personally verified emails. From a PRIVATE SERVER Hillary Clinton had put into her basement when she was Secretary of State. Which, by the way, was a HUGE no-no.

But fuck you, she’s Hillary Clinton. And she’s going to do whatever the fuck she wants to do – whether you like it or not.

Whether it’s legal or not. Whether it’s what’s best for the 99% or not. Whether it’ll set back social justice issues back to square one – nope, it doesn’t affect her.

She does not give a single, solitary fuck. Because she’s too busy bringing in those dollar, dollar bills ya’ll. That’s what matters most in this world.

Wealth. If you have wealth, you are amazing. You either beat the system or you were born into a privileged family. But the most important part is that you have stacks on stacks on stacks. UGH!

I’m sorry. But when did flimsy, nasty looking paper: that’s been god-knows-where? When did it become the real “HIGHER POWER” everyone is kneeling at the altar of?

I just don’t get it. I don’t.

You see my vote matters to me, because I remember every single person who has fought this fight before me. I remember their eloquent and profound words. I feel that burning, yearning, churning inside of me that dares me to push the limits. I feel that fire that tells me ‘fuck what those Shills said; I know who I am and what I stand for. They don’t and when they have their awakening it’s going to be brutal. I keep getting up every single day, even though I’m told EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. that I have no understanding of the democratic process whatsoever. That I have no intelligence. That I’m what’s wrong with this country.

Me? The voter whose vote does not count.

You? The oppressed. The misled and the mistreated voter that stood in line until midnight to cast your votes.

Them? They were wiped from the voter registry rolls.

I can say this much without any fear of being struck by lighting or whatever. Because I know in my heart that it’s the absolute truth: Donald Trump is right. Our election process is broken and rigged. The winner was Bernie Sanders. But see the establishment didn’t like that, because that was too far left for them. But now they’re laughing in our face and saying, “Wake up you need to make money.”


It’s 2016, by the way. Those senators and super-delegates and congress(wo)men, and lobbyists? They’re still living in the mid-90’s mindset.

Because, let’s face it, most of them are old as hell. I’m seriously concerned for Hillary Clinton and her health, be it blood clots and weird “falls” and awful sounding coughs. Or, I don’t know – I mean completely off the top of my head… Parkinson’s disease?

And Trump, he sniffles a lot. He might have a coke drip. Or he could have a deviated septum. Or he might have grown accustomed to a certain amount of moisture in the air. (He lives in a legit palace, right? I guarantee he has vaporizers in every room.)

And they are both megalomaniacs. Real talk.

So as SNL so easily pointed out for me a few nights ago, it’s up to us now. We can choose to vote for a Republican who will do all the same things she’s threatening Donald Trump will do if elected into office. We can perform our patriotic duty, by electing Her. To save our fellow Americans from the monster known as Donald Trump.

But only if we can swallow down how bitter and awful it tastes to know that each one of us are nothing more than slaves. Slaves to politicians like Hillary Rodham Clinton and William Jefferson Clinton.

Barack Hussein Obama. Joe Biden. John McCain: one of the only Republicans I could listen to and understand.. I liked John McCain. I bet I would’ve loved Reagan, had I not been an infant when he was POTUS.

I remember I really disliked The First Bush President. But that was because his voice sounded awful and creepy and he was the man that sent both of my older brothers off to war. And my big brothers were two of three people in the world who loved me and only ever wanted to keep me safe and happy. Even when they were humiliating and terrorizing me at the same time.

Um, okay, I’m trying to show how I’m a special Independent” voter. You know, we Independent” voters we’re so crazy and unpredictable and fickle and dumb. We are really, really dumb.

Or at least that’s all MSM has been pushing at every single one of us since the meetwethepeople.com/ app came out.


And showed that Dr. Jill Stein is actually at 32% or 38.8% of the vote.

Donald Trump is at 38.8% or 42% of the vote.

And Hillary Clinton? The next president of the United States of America?

-As so anointed by the federal reserve, wall street, big pharma, fracking, TPP, big oil, foreign interests, secrecy, lies, sexual assault victim shaming activist groups?

Hillary Clinton is resting comfortably at 18.6% or 20% depending on whether you include Governor Gary Johnson’s meager 11.5 % or not.

So, you see, people like WikiLeaks.

Free Julian Assange!

And Edward Snowden – American Hero!

Because they tell us the truth.

So if we bring this back to me: early 1990’s, that’s when I knew I was a liberal, a left leaning person. I did not like war. I did not like sending the only two men in my life that never left me or mistreated me to hell. I didn’t like the way the veterans of previous wars were so scarred and harmed and haunted by it all. And the government didn’t seem to care about it. Oh well, they went to war and couldn’t handle it so they’re a bunch of homeless drunks now. Big deal.

Those men that put on those uniforms are heroes. They are literally willing to die for this country. The constitution. The bill of rights. And all the wonderful and incredible and amazing progress we’ve achieved. Think about how we’ve brought more freedoms and joy to other people by liberating their countries from oppressive forces. They’re like the ultimate heroes.

And they are still heroes after they realize they went to war with a country that did nothing wrong. They were just in the way of something stupid like oil or gold. They are still heroes when they come home damaged and not quite right.

The things they’ve seen? The things they’ve done? And then to find out it wasn’t for the reasons they thought it was? When they feel disillusioned and abandoned and scared?

They’re still heroes.

I don’t blame our soldiers for fighting in these wars. They are there because of patriotic duty. Or because they have no other way to afford living in the United States.

And the government either has to have a need for patriotic duty, like terrorism, or a large amount of people living right on the poverty line to encourage more good men and women to sign up.

And that’s no lie. If you’re just an inch above that poverty line, but

Oh well, sorry. You can’t have any help. Not anywhere. I know it sucks but you need to tough it up and work harder and soldier on.

For those of you who are somehow still unaware of all of this, please research the following terms: Civil Rights Movement. Equality. New Deal. Pysops. Gaslighting. McCarthyism. The Red Scare. The Cold War. Clinton Cash. World War III. VA Medical Treatments for PTSD and combat related mental and physical damages.

See, they wanted us to be smart, my sweet readers. They like that sense of challenge and drive we have to be the best. But what they didn’t realize is that we all started growing up a lot faster watching our world go to hell.

And as we grew, we watched. We learned. We advanced. And now our government is decades behind us when it comes to how to connect with other everyday citizens. And each time they start playing their games, one more person wakes up and has their horrifying moment of clarity.

Well, please excuse me Washington Elite. I’m tired. And sick. And I can not soldier on for you anymore. I refuse to be a part of your sick games any longer. Our disastrous relationship has caused so much injustice and death all over the globe. It’s not me. It’s you. Eat the apple, fuck the core. I don’t work for you no more.

You haven’t changed. You will never change. This cycle will not continue with me anymore. Every time I trust you, you only hurt me in steadily worsening ways. I am breaking my chains. I am claiming my rights and taking them back from you. You do not speak for me anymore.

I have my own voice. And I can share it as much or as little as I like.

And thanks to so many other like minded individuals, I might actually be able to achieve my dream of writing as a career. How about that?

Life seems brighter when an abusive relationship ends and the abused party moves forward. Life seems lighter. Dare I say, more free?

So if you are one of those progressive kind of persons, one that just wants to make the world better. Kinder. More utopian, less dystopian. Please look at Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. Please truly educate yourself about who they are and what they stand for.

Consider making the fifth of November International Protest Day. Show your dissent. Speak out against what bothers you the most about our world today! Be WEIRD. Have FUN! Britain already has Guy Fawkes Night and it’s a pretty dope party.

Yes, Guy Fawkes failed miserably in his attempt to overthrow parliament, but as V for Vendetta says, “Ideas are bulletproof.”

Sarah Dixon

Sarah Dixon is a political junkie, mother of 3, and an all around badass. She stands for Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Equality. Because Equality isn't an option, it's the RULE.