Militarized Police Arrest Over 100 People At Standing Rock

Here’s what really happened yesterday at Standing Rock, according to those that were there.

Militarized police from several different agencies, many/most without name tags or badge numbers, evacuated the north camp at Standing Rock yesterday. Many were injured; an elder was tasered in the face. Rumors that a child was killed by sniper fire appear to be untrue.

In addition to the hundreds of police in direct contact with the camp, various military operatives could be seen in the distance around the camp.

Militarized police used psy ops tools – percussion grenades and LRAD sound cannons (I witnessed these on the videos). They crop dusted the camp with pepper spray. A woman with a prayer stick (clearly visible on the video taken by someone standing next to her) was arrested for having a gun. The police shot the crowd with rubber bullets. They shot and killed a horse being ridden by a 15-year-old boy. The protectors were using camera drones to witness. They were all shot out of the air.

The more than 500 tribes represented at the Standing Rock camp were there in prayer. They were unarmed. They were there to protect and stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from passing under the Missouri River, the water source for more than 16 million people.

The police looked as if they were going into Afghanistan; police from North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Michigan.

I was with the hundreds of thousands of people all over the world that watched for over six hours yesterday the live feeds from Standing Rock, as they were repeatedly cut and new ones brought online. People from the UK, Germany, all over the world are expressing their horror at what they watched firsthand. The same word was on everyone’s lips:


The merger of state and corporate power, to protect corporate profits and control the people.

All pipelines leak. There are thousands of leaks in the US every single day. Water is life. The weakest and poorest among us, the most vulnerable, the most likely to be killed by police — the victims of rolling genocide for over 500 years — Native Americans — are protecting the right to water for all of us.

This is incredibly brave and noble. How do we respond to them. When do we join the people to make a stand for justice. For basic human rights.

The most basic of rights. The right to water.

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Greene Fyre

Greene Fyre is an interdisciplinary artist-philosopher and composer living in Colorado.