A Great New Deal: Green Works

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Learning the Evolution

A Great New Deal: Green Works


Greetings Fellow Evolutionaries.  

I am writing to you today to ask you look carefully at what kind of future we want to build together, and to continue asking The Right Questions as we unite as one country, one world, one earth.  We will need to give some attention to a healthy future for all of us, trying to lift up into a higher perspective as we have the chance to reorganize ourselves as a nation.  We also have a political candidate who recognizes these higher truths and wants to lead us into a different kind of future.


This primary for the upcoming presidential election has acted as a catalyst for US to Unite, and to ask the right questions together.  There is finally a candidate who is saying all of the right things, and he is framing all the right questions to make a better future together.  We are more than independent units competing for scarce resources and money, as people and as nations. We also can make choices that are more spiritual, that is, forward looking decisions with a vision for great results.


Freedom to Grow

As a mom, a lifelong student of natural and traditional health and happiness, and non-profit director, I have seen the same problem from NY to NM.  There is a lack of quality of life, a lack of spirituality and morality, a lack of respect for Nature and for Humanity.  So much of what makes a happy Life has been eaten up to fuel the Machine, or to justify its insatiable appetite.  We lost the rich tapestry of our cultural stories, our knowledge of healthy food for our tribes, and our friendship and trust in each other.


Our Freedom to Grow comes from our power to live from the land as well as our ability to work together and evolve into a species that has technology, and also awareness and ethics.

Now we will take back our freedom.  Our Power is in the Garden, with each other, quality of Life and deciding on our own stories, outside of the box and the stories that The Machine has made for us.   We want a future and we are going to build it together.

We must pay careful attention to quality of life because that is what ensures that we are not trashing the planet for future generations and causing irreparable damage.  We have three major crises – 1) social, 2) economic and 3) environmental and one solution solves it all – Local production of food and goods, ie, jobs, for fair pay.  


We will need to invest in the infrastructure, or the stuff for a new future, and Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who is really talking about that and has a track record of doing what he promises.   In 1933, FDR began pulling us out of the Great Depression (like our current one) by investing in our country with Public Works, what was called the New Deal, and it worked.  


We have been blinded by hate mongering and discrimination by The Machine.  But at this magical moment in time we know The Machine is dying, and we can all see it broadcast through free media on the internet, on social media.  We will simply reverse engineer a culture that we truly want by asking the right questions.  


The three crises we face are really one, and can be resolved by one simple solution that will make us all very happy.  A Great New Deal resolves all three crises at once by providing real jobs to build a better future and unplug from The war/money/political Machine.


Still, we are going to have to continue to act as a whole very quickly, and to agree on certain guiding principles.  The Machine (the engineered system meant to devour or monetize our collective resources on this planet) has run its course and it’s time for us to agree on what we want.  If it’s to survive and thrive on this planet then we are going to have to Ditch the Petroleum Economy and Divorce the Machine.

I keep saying Ditch the Petroleum Economy because without fuel we all know a Machine cannot run anymore.  What is the Fuel that makes the Machine Go?  The Petroleum-based Economy.  Our crises as a nation, and as a planet, will really be solved by plugging back into the community and local level because that is how we starve the Machine and invest in US.   


And we can require from our political candidates that they be transparent and focus on how we are going to Take Our Power Back, build things that truly serve US, like local food, community structures and local solutions.  And ethical, quality of life decisions that take into account the next seven generations and the planet.  There is only one solution that meets all the requirements.  We need good planning and adequate investment into local, sustainable healthy jobs and production.  


I have been working in the field of Sustainability for 15 years, and have learned about many different methods of farming and traditional cultures. Though I don’t have all the answers, I know some of the important questions to ask and will provide you with the best educational materials and visioning I possibly can.


The $US was made and is used simply to monetize (turn stuff into $) our natural resources.  Like a Monopoly game, there is only one result.  At the end of the game, the money and property gets sucked into the bank account of one person.  Except in the real planetary case let’s add that the environment gets trashed and we hold people hostage in the game at gunpoint.


In another state of being, not enforced by violence and domination, we would tend towards ethics and collaboration, generosity and sustainable quality of life.  It’s The Machine and its friend, the $US that have twisted our arms to play a game that we cannot win because any solution that does not include everyone is a losing proposition.


Green Works

The Great New Public Works

The Evolution.  


As I’ve said, the Machine has eaten up our unique and diverse cultures and tried to produce a Walmart package that instead makes us sick.  

Reverse engineering the culture that we wish to see emerge is imperative, since the one we have is not working.   If we took a vote of everyone, I’m pretty sure people want a sustainable, e-quality life.  Divorce the Machine doesn’t mean we give up our technology, it means we use it for the right purposes and we take back our power by producing at the local level.  E-Quality means we keep our technology (Electronics) and we merge it with Quality (ethics, health, community) and Life (sustainable care-taking the earth).  Our whole world does not Have To revolve around $$ that march off to make war on innocent people, or dump garbage in the oceans or get extracted from our young men and women’s futures.  


Green Works and a Great New Deal will solve the environmental, social and economic issues in one elegant stroke.  Local food and community based on equality and common good.   We will have to start to construct a new society that solves our social, environmental and economic crises all at once, and that will require some money…Uh oh.  How do we do that?  


We have a pretty good historical record of how it was done before.


Public Works was made by FDR from 1933-38 so that we could rebuild the infrastructure of our country, after another similar economic catastrophe orchestrated by Wall Street.  Again, they crashed our economy into a brick wall and predatorily grabbed the benefits, launching the Great Depression.  Sound familiar?  


Fool me once, shame on You.  Fool me Twice, shame on US.  


It’s almost exactly what happened recently as the elites grabbed up all the assets through the mortgage crisis.  It’s the same routine – Monetize the Collective Resources using Slave Labor (paying disenfranchised disadvantaged workers) to turn natural resources into Money, then grabbing the Money.  Money doesn’t rot, it actually makes more. So, the system is rigged and the extraction of the resources often produces contamination that the underprivileged suffer from.


We cannot afford to ever make the same mistake again.  We have the right to take back our country and our Power.  The solution is simple and wonderful.  A certain percentage of us will have to begin looking after local production of goods and agricultural resources.


I call it Green Works, and it’s part of what we should be dreaming up right now, for all of our futures to be better.


Bernie is the new FDR and is saying all the right things to make this happen. It’s a magical moment when we get the chance to reverse engineer, or dream up a new future.


There is a Great New Deal at hand and when we dream it up, like we did with FDR, it will include a new public works; a Green Works.  We must now begin to organize how to invest the $1 Trillion that Bernie said he will help us invest into our infrastructure.  Education, supplies, new engineering around community…a future for all of US.


This is not an ad for Bernie, but rather a simple statement of fact that he is the only candidate I have ever heard in my life saying all the right things.  We must create a socially just, sustainable economy based on local community production.  


Bernie is saying all the right things, and based on historical fact we can see that a (Great) New Deal with (Green) Public Works will pull us out of the Petroleum economy. It will also give us the resilience that we need at the local neighborhood level, as well as better health, organic foods and employment for everyone.  Energy and environment, local employment with meaningful results.


Here’s how it works to stop fueling The Machine…


Ditch the Petroleum Economy – Divorce the Machine


  • When we work for money and then buy foods at a grocery store that are not exactly totally healthy, we are contributing to The Machine, and the price is paid by the planet, and by US.  Currently, there are some options, but those are often limited by how much money we have to spend, and that’s been siphoned off…we need to seriously look at improving our infrastructure for local goods.
  • The foods at the store are often packaged and have travelled all over the world (petroleum for gas) and are wrapped in plastic (petroleum based) or paper (wood ground up) as well as made in factories (making contaminants) and devoid of nutrition, being mostly if not totally dead (causes illness) and then the packaging goes to the dump.
  • The chemical fertilizers for the corn/fishmeal/food for the meat we eat is killing the planet when we could feed the whole world with the grains we produce, and stop killing the oceans, too.
  • Local food is healthier, and small farms are much more productive than large ones, which receive subsidies anyway and tend to use chemicals and GMOs.
  • A sustainable, cruelty free diet is healthier, and safer than the factory processed foods and the modern meat packing industry, and reduces the amount of chemicals dumped into the oceans from fertilizing and spraying corn fields which feed livestock.
  • Making meals from scratch from basic ingredients like grains, fruits and vegetables and personally grown or harvested foods creates health and happiness.
  • If we are not feeding our energy into The Machine, and it has less of Us feeding it, then we improve everyone’s lives.
  • We need the education and infrastructure around our Great New Deal, part of which is the local work program which frees us from the petroleum economy that’s destroying the world.
  • We will need public land, education and a new vision for creating high quality sustainable communities that physically provide for the type of culture we wish to see emerge.


DTM will be providing weekly free information on how you can start using whatever you have at your fingertips in order to free yourself and how to pressure your local government to rethink their vision too.  

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Urban Shamin

Courtni “StarHeart” Hale is the Executive Director of a nonprofit called The Center for Natural and Traditional Knowledge (TheCNTK.org), and has been teaching about Sustainability for 10+ years by building gardens, labyrinths, backyard installations and more, focusing mainly on at risk youth in New York and New Mexico. From an early age she was involved in politics, working for the Governor of the State of Delaware, and later working for the Public Defender’s as a Spanish interpreter.