Donald Trump: The misinformation hurts

Donald Trump, famed irritator and extreme Republican presidential candidate, was back at his very important job of misinforming anyone listening to his buffoonery at a recent campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa on December 11, 2015.  Trump was asked a question about what he will do to update and preserve social security benefits for Iowans.  Extraordinarily, The Donald responded with what can only be described as complete and total nonsense.

I can’t believe this number but over…six million people…are aged 112 and over are getting social security.

I’m instituting a short pause right here as we all take a collective sigh.

Trump goes on to say that not only had he heard this information from some mystery man at the rally, but that he also read these facts somewhere.  In customary Trump form, he never acknowledges where this information came from.  Seriously, wouldn’t these claims be too preposterous even for tabloid magazines? Ok, maybe that’s too far.

Now, as ludicrous as Donald Trump is it does not seem as though he actually believed there were that many people who are aged 112 or older currently alive.  Instead, Trump’s intention was to highlight how much fraud and waste this country is seeing in regards to social security.  That’s a little better, but not much.  If we look at facts, the pieces of information that Trump is infamously known for disregarding, we find a report revealing that there are 6.5 million people, aged 112 or older, whose deaths have not been recorded.  This must have been what Trump was talking about.  He did read it!  Could this be Donald Trump’s AH HA moment?  Please, don’t be ridiculous.  Upon further review, the report indicates that only thirteen of those people are currently receiving social security benefits.  While this is a very troubling fact to learn (in terms of tax fraud, credit fraud, etc.), it does absolutely nothing in a conversation about preserving social security benefits.  It is possible that Mr. Trump only read the headline of the article, then chose to form an opinion absent any details.  While many are guilty, including myself, of practicing the same tactic, a presidential candidate really ought to know better. On the other hand, that might be asking a bit too much from Donald Trump.



William Gaillard

William Gaillard is a journalist based out of Columbia, SC. Specializing in matters affecting the vast majority of people, Gaillard offers an unfiltered perspective designed to assist viewers to reach informed conclusions.

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