Fox News’ hilarious response to October jobs report

Steve Doocy and Elisabeth Hasselbeck of Fox & Friends begrudgingly stumbled through their November 6th broadcast of the October jobs report. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the report stating that 271,000 jobs had been created, easily surpassing most analysts’ projections of no more than 185,000 jobs. Hasselbeck, nevertheless, took this opportunity to throw shade on the announcement describing the information as “ONLY 271,000 new jobs.” Fox News continues to shape the news in the manner preferred by themselves and their viewers, which is that the Obama administration cannot do anything right. Thus, Fox News remains anything but “fair and balanced.”

William Gaillard

William Gaillard is a journalist based out of Columbia, SC. Specializing in matters affecting the vast majority of people, Gaillard offers an unfiltered perspective designed to assist viewers to reach informed conclusions.

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